Geeks Are Cool!

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Ever wonder about the dudes that picked on Mark Zuckerberg in High School? Bet they’re wishing they had been a little more Friend-ly with him over the years. Because of guys like Zuck, the King of social networking, and Steve Jobs, the late, great trailblazer they show us why Geeks are Cool. It’s the Geeks that are innovating and motivating change for our future.

Create and submit designs to our #Geeksarecool project celebrating the awesomeness of geekdom for a chance to win $1000 plus 5% of the proceeds of the design’s t-shirt sales in the Voices Republic shop.  Good luck and have fun!

Winner Rewards: 
$1,000 + 5% of sales over 12 months
Project Date: 
3-December, 2012 to 24-April, 2013
Creative medium: 
Interactive Design